Energy and Sustainable Design


Protecting, enhancing, and preserving our resources helps create a better tomorrow, which is why F&V offers energy and sustainable design services. We provide affordable and creative solutions to conserve energy and maximize return on your investments.

Our approach to providing energy and sustainable design begins with understanding and determining your needs and uses of your project. Then, utilizing the latest technology and ideas, we match the scope with products that will achieve energy reduction and long-term cost savings that also improve the function and efficiency of your buildings. We look to maximize the life of products being utilized in your project, reduce your operational energy costs, and minimize negative environmental impacts. Whether we are conducting an introductory energy evaluation (IEE) or developing a design and implementation plan, our techniques help create a cleaner, safer, and better tomorrow.

Some of our areas of expertise in this important field include:

  • Architectural design
  • Building condition assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Infrared surveys
  • Introductory energy evaluations
  • Michigan qualified energy consultant
  • Return on investment studies (ROI)
  • Roof leak investigations
  • Space/needs studies for building expansion planning
  • Sustainable design (LEED)
  • Technical energy audits (TEA)