F&V Principals Participate in “Pie a Principal for Charity” Fundraiser Event

Top F&V leaders took one from the team for the fun of it and for the love of their favorite charities.

Principals and Senior Associates raised over $700 for the charities of their choosing Wednesday after participating in “Pie A Principal for Charity,” outside of F&V’s headquarters in Grand Rapids.

Staff either paid $10 to toss a pie at a top F&V official, $1 to eat a yummy slice of pie, or simply donated to the company’s first-time special fundraiser.

A half dozen charities ranging from providing clean water to impoverished areas, to helping the homeless, preserving and protecting land, and supporting education.

Thanks to our fearless leaders for being good sports.

“It was a great way for F&V to have some fun and give back to organizations in need,” said one F&V staffer, who was unable to be in the office but donated $20 and let someone else pick who they wanted to pie.

“I have a few ideas for next year,” claimed one of the senior associates – and we can’t wait to hear them!




Learn more about our Principals’ charities and why they selected them:

Paul Galdes – President: Samuel Omogo Foundation
Why Paul selected his charity: The Sam Omogo Foundation builds wells to provide clean water for impoverished people in Nigeria and is successfully reducing water-borne diseases in the area.
Website: http://samuelomogofoundation.org/
About: The Samuel Omogo Foundation was created in 2012 to foster the responsible development of clean sources for villages in Southeastern Nigeria.


Brian Rice – Principal: Dégagé Ministries
Why Brian selected his charity: It is important to me that our community offers those who need a hand a dignified source of support that is faith-based – Dégagé has a proven record of well thought out programs that do just that.
Website: http://www.degageministries.org/
About: Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community.


Craig Shumaker – Vice President: Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy (501.c.3)
Why Craig selected his charity: We have some very beautiful areas in southwest Michigan and it is disheartening to see urban sprawl turn into suburban sprawl that eats away at these rural areas. As a young kid, I saw this happen to our old family farm we lived next to as it was split up, sold and turned into houses. Protection of our most critical natural resources is the longest lasting legacy we can leave for future generations as the land will always be here. I have protected my own 45 acres property, which the pristine headwater Prairieville Creek flows through, by conservation easements held permanently by the SWMLC. I encourage helping them continue their mission while maintaining the protections they already have worked to develop.
Website: http://swmlc.org/
About: SWMLC works to conserve the scenic and ecologically important landscapes that give our region its natural character — now and for generations to come.


Rich Grant – Principal Emeritus: Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM)
Why Rich thinks you should throw a for SWIM: I suggest you throw a pie for SWIM, Safe Water International Ministries. Throw one for each of the 12+ years I have been helping people make Safe Water. Throw a pie for each of the 15 countries we’re currently working in. Oh! Oh! And I double dog dare you if you think you’re a good enough aim, toss a pie at me with your left arm … this might indicate a CREATIVE BIT OR TWO and exercise your otherwise overly-analytic brain!! HAHA!! We’ll make sure to use all the pie-faced funding to bring love and safe water to developing world countries.
Website: http://swimforhim.org/
About: The mission of Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM) is to love human kind by encouraging participation as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs, focused on safe drinking water and sharing the Living Water of Jesus Christ worldwide.


Blair Selover – Senior Associate: Ed & Irene Fleis Education Fund
Why Blair selected his charity: My parents were both educators – my mother a teacher, and my father a trainer of water and wastewater operators – and it instilled in me that education is important. To commemorate them both, I selected this charity to give students a chance to better their educations. It’s a great thing that they’re doing.
Website: http://edandirenefleiseducationfund.com/index.html
About: The Ed and Irene Education Fund was created to increase the number of high school graduates to continue their education at a university or trade school and achieve a degree.


Jeff Pugh – Senior Associate: HQ Grand Rapids
Why Jeff selected his charity: Homeless people need a place to go that will help them get back on their feet and find their way in life.
Website: https://hqgr.org/
About: HQ is a drop-in center for youth ages 14 thru 24 who are experiencing homelessness, runaway or whose housing is unsafe or unstable. HRGQ creates a safe and affirming space for youth to find rest, build connections and pursue their passions to realize their dreams.