Pilot Study Proposed to Confirm Proposed Road Diet

F&V staff, working with the Birmingham City Commission and local residents, is overseeing a pilot study to confirm the proposed road diet for the busy Maple Road. Concerns over accidents and unsafe conditions for turning into local residential developments have led to the push to reduce a busy 1.3-mile stretch from a four-lane road to a three-lane road with lanes in each direction and a ‘center-for-left’ turning lane.

Traffic simulation models created by F&V staff have determined that such a ‘road diet’ will lend itself to more uniform traffic speed, as well as better platooning of traffic which will result in safer opportunities to for local residents to maneuver. The plan would make the stretch more pedestrian-friendly and significantly safer for pedestrian crossings at the major intersections.

The pilot study, approved earlier this week, will span the summer of 2015 with proposed road reconstruction in 2016.

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