Sewer Lining

Town of Windfall
Windfall, IN

Project Overview

The Town of Windfall’s sewer joints were separating, allowing groundwater to infiltrate the pipes. A half million gallons of water a day infiltrated the collection system, causing backups and mounting frustrations for residents who were not allowed to flush toilets for more than 24 hours after a heavy rainfall.

F&V was hired to complete a sanitary sewer study in an effort to locate the junctions of pipe that were being infiltrated with pure groundwater. Areas were identified and F&V designed a lining for over 4,000 feet of pipe to keep the groundwater from infiltrating.

The lining of the existing pipes will reduce the infiltration by 90,000 gallons a day, an 18 percent reduction. It will also save the Town of Windfall time and money, eliminating the need for excavation and new construction. Once the project is complete, the liners should extend the life of the pipes another 40 years and eliminate worries about overflowing manhole lids and backed up sewer pipes.

Services Provided

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