Traffic Study for Neighborhood Restaurant


Everyone knows what it’s like to be frustrated when you can’t find a parking spot, let alone maneuver around a parking lot. If that’s not bad enough, you have to wait 30-50 minutes for a table at your favorite restaurant – after already spending 15 in the parking lot fighting for that prized spot.

Sound familiar? It did for frequenters of Applebee’s. That didn’t match its family-friend image, so Applebee’s decided to do something about it. They contacted F&V to perform a traffic study that would be incorporated into a facility master plan to remodel the design and flow of their parking lot and decrease their traffic.

Applebee’s isn’t the only one to experience traffic frustrations, which is why many companies hire F&V to perform traffic studies. Typical Traffic Impact Study (TIS) tasks include:

  • Calculating the existing vehicle delays and Levels of Service (LOS).
  • Collecting peak period turning movement counts at intersections.
  • Conducting a site visit to collect a field inventory of the existing geometrics, land use & traffic control.
  • Evaluating the results of software analysis regarding the collected data.

Results of TIS are frequently submitted to the local municipality and MDOT in order to facilitate changes in the roadway, signage or signals, which may produce an increase in customers to a given business and a decrease in traffic problems – which Applebee’s saw.

“It’s a whole new neighborhood” – without the traffic.