Road Commissions Face Increased Challenges Without Funding

The Oakland County Press and Construction News recently published articles highlighting the road funding issues facing the Road Commission for Oakland County. This excerpt summaries the key issues being faced:

“Meanwhile the just issued strategic report for the Road Commission for Oakland County notes that its staff has been reduced by 35% since 2007 and that 44% of its roads are listed in poor condition. About 14% need reconstruction and 55% need heavy resurfacing.

The cost of meeting feature road needs from Oakland County communities was pegged at more than $2.9 billion. Without additional funding the 44% of roads in poor condition is expected to rise to 66% by 2020, less than five years away.”

It’s never too early to begin assessing the conditions of your roads and finding solutions for repairs and funding. Read more about our road conditions at Road Commission for Oakland County.

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