Shaping Ideas Into Existence

F&V assists clients in evaluating opportunities, limitations and delivery vision for project realization.

Our approach is to gain a thorough understanding of you, your project vision, goals and needs. Understanding your project goals allows us to put together the pieces of your project puzzle for a successful completion. This includes providing assistance to overcome complicated social, economic and physical problems, as well as evaluating opportunities for cost-saving factors.

Whether you’re looking to master plan a farmers market or improve your community’s park, we help shape your goals and needs into reliable, practical and constructible ideas and solutions.

Our planning expertise includes:

Comprehensive Planning & Zoning Impact Evaluation:

  • Brownfield Plans.
  • Capital Improvement Plans.
  • Community Facility Plans.
  • Grant Implementation Schedules.
  • Population Studies.
  • Tax Increment Financing.

Downtown Planning:

  • Comprehensive/Master Plans.
  • Construction Feasibility Study.
  • Drainage and Storm Sewer Evaluations.
  • Façade Design.
  • Grant Applications & Administration.
  • Land Use Plans and Surveys.
  • Market & Economic Studies.
  • Master Plans.
  • Public Space Design.
  • Site Inventory and Analysis.
  • Streets & Roads.
  • Streetscape Design.
  • Transportation & Parking Studies.
  • Zoning and subdivision Control Ordinances

Economic Development Planning:

  • Data Analysis.
  • Economic Studies.
  • Land Use Studies.
  • Grant Applications.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Transportation & Parking Studies.
  • Utility Analysis.

Parks & Recreation:

  • Athletic Facilitation
  • Camping Facilities.
  • Community Building & Restroom Facility Design.
  • Grant Applications.
  • Prairie Design & Restoration.
  • Recreation Master Plans & Updates.
  • Renovations & ADA Accessibility.
  • Site Planning.
  • Trail System Design & Engineering.