Traverse City Helps Move Library

A half dozen Traverse City F&V volunteers lent a hand last Thursday with building bookshelves in preparation for Saturday’s grand opening of the new Springville Township Community Center and Library in the Village of Mesick. The new spacious library, about a block away from the old undersized library, is 2,400-square feet. The former hardware store also includes a 2,500-square foot community center. “They needed help and it was a great opportunity to show that F&V cares and is committed to helping the communities we work with,” said Brian Rowley F&V’s new operations manager in the Traverse City office. F&V staff thought they’d be helping volunteers move some 200 boxes of books into the new library, but there were no shelves up so the staff had to adapt. Debbie Stanton, Mesick’s clerk and a library branch manager, appreciated F&V’s efforts. “It wasn’t on my bucket list to move a library in my lifetime, but we did it with a lot of help from volunteers,” Stanton said. “It worked out perfectly. I told Brian that I needed engineers with tools. They knew how to put things together and we had a great time.”