Culture Matters

Culture matters, and we believe every employee has the power and ability to influence who we are. While we have a core basis of a culture statement for how we want to operate and present ourselves, we also know staff’s individual beliefs and experiences are influenced by family, friends, and the local communities where we live, work, and play.

We value tradition, like our executives meeting all new employees, but also value the ability to adapt to change, like remote work. We balance hard work with playing hard to provide a workplace where staff thrives. When you spend 40 hours a week at work, you should enjoy where you work, and we strive for a positive, fun, talented, and hard-working environment.

How Staff Embody Our Culture Statements

Our goal is to improve the communities we live and work in

The Toan Park Project in the City of Portland is going to make a huge difference to the community. While attending the groundbreaking in July it was evident how excited the community was for this. Between the fundraising, done by local businesses and private residents, along with the nearly 50 community members that attended the event, you could just tell this was going to bring the City of Portland together. It will be a place for residents, young and old, to gather and enjoy their City together. Can’t wait to see it finished in the fall!

Honest communication is an essential tool

My group does nothing special to communicate; we just simply do. I think part of it comes down to respect and knowing we’re all busy doing different things. If someone needs help, is going on vacation, is simply swamped, etc. we’re good at letting each other know and helping cover each other because that’s what a team is supposed to do. We genuinely like each other so we’re not going to let something fall through the cracks, and instead communicate with each other to help one another.

Success happens with hard work and creativity

The Operations Administrative Assistance went above and beyond for a client report. One time the final edits were going up to the last minute and she stayed late, till close to midnight, to help wrap them up and get them printed so it could be delivered on time the following day to the client. She also drove it. Great teamwork to get it completed on time!

Listening is a great way to start a conversation and a friendship

Our IT Technician is an example of a staff member who definitely listens and establishes friendships throughout the organization. Alex has been an outstanding go-to IT gentleman, who has countless times has listened to our IT laptop issues/concerns, frustrations and has always been very willing to help seek a resolution. He always leaves you with a smile and a story, never making you feel that your concerns were a bother to him. He actively and intentionally listens to you and engages in the conversation.

Focusing on the positive of individuals, clients, and our work

Bruce P. and Jon M. Both work really hard for their respective clients. They’re always trying to find ways to get more involved with their clients, whether it’s a groundbreaking, contractor appreciation lunch, ribbon cutting, helping them fundraiser for a project, or gifting them F&V swag. I feel like they’re always doing something for their client.

Hiring good people and empowering them

Our HR Manager makes sure our employees are taken care of and handles some incredibly stressful situations with grace and composure. F&V definitely hired good people when we brought our HR Manager on board!