Landscape Architecture

Live, work, and play—whether at a park, place, or pathway.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture at F&V blends art, science, and technology to inspire a meaningful balance between the natural and built environments in which we live.

We’re all about the creation of places and spaces that are meant to be experienced. That’s why our approach is a collaboration between our landscape architects, the client, and the client’s end users to create a valuable, aesthetic, safe, and enjoyable environment based on client goals and needs. When environments can be experienced, a community is brought together.

Landscape architecture is more than parks and recreation. It helps bring identity and human scale to basic infrastructure. A road becomes a streetscape with lighting, trees, seating nodes, planters, brick pavers, and other amenities. A pathway becomes an adventure to reconnect with nature. An alley becomes a woonerf for pedestrians and various modes of transportation to share the space. An abandoned parcel becomes a hub of gathering and entertainment. Merging the useful infrastructure with creative designs and uses creates an environment to be experienced.

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Types of Landscape Architecture Services


Who Needs Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture can benefit everyone because it inspires meaningful change to the environments in which we exist.

F&V can successfully lead park & recreation departments and municipalities through master planning, design, and construction of improvements to their parks.

Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

Although the focus of F&V has historically been civil and environmental engineering, we’re able to use the experiences of our landscape architects and designers on staff to provide landscape architecture services. This includes park and public space planning and design, assisting communities on recreational and quality of life projects, and more. Whether it’s a farmers’ market, marina, pathway, park, or public gathering place, F&V has you covered. The collaboration between our landscape architects and civil engineers brings forth creative yet realistic solutions that neither discipline could achieve on their own.

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Landscape architecture is the design and enhancement of outdoor areas, parks, trails, and more to achieve environmental, social, or aesthetic outcomes. Civil engineering is the planning, designing, and constructing of infrastructure to protect the public and environmental health.

By combining these disciplines under one roof, we provide seamless and concise communication, leading to timely decision-making necessary to meet milestones, desired time frames, and budgets.