Water Systems Engineering

Improving, enhancing, and maintaining water systems and fire hydrants saves lives and makes our communities healthier.

What is Water Systems Engineering?

Water is needed for life. While clean, quality water begins at the treatment plant, the key to communities and businesses receiving the same clean, quality water is the watermains and transmissions lines that deliver it. Breaks, deterioration, and age can affect how the water flows and contaminates its contents. Improving, enhancing, and maintaining our water systems and fire hydrants saves lives and makes our communities healthier.

F&V designs and constructs supply and distribution mains of all sizes. We also specialize in energy and water efficiency evaluation, asset management, water reliability studies, and water treatment systems.

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Safe Hydration for Your Community

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Types of Water Systems Engineering Services

Our Water Systems Engineering Process

Every project we work on has its own unique set of challenges and goals. While the projects are different, our proven process for creating successful results remains similar:

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Step 1


Discuss water system needs and goals with our clients. We know that our clients have the best understanding of their system.

Step 1

Step 2


Our team of experts will evaluate the best feasible options based on your goals and provide a recommendation that fits your project’s needs.

Step 2

Step 3


We will work with you to identify an agreed upon solution to meet your schedule and budget. 

Step 3

Step 4


We will hold regular progress meetings to keep you informed along the way so there are no surprises.

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Who Needs Water Systems Engineering?

Water is life; everyone benefits from it.

Many of our municipal clients own their water systems and are therefore responsible to provide clean, safe water to their residents, businesses, and other customers.

Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

F&V helps design and construct clean drinking water you can count on – and you can count on us to do it on time and on budget.

Our Water Systems Engineering Projects