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Structural Engineering

F&V has structural engineers who improve performance of buildings, bridges, towers, and other structures to safely resist the forces to which they are subjected.



Bridges: F&V provides a full array of structural engineering services for bridges, including biennial inspections for local bridges, performing bridge studies, application assistance/support for LAP funding, and design services for maintenance and repairs. F&V also provides design services for bridge deck replacements, bridge super structure replacements, and full-bridge replacements.

F&V helps local agencies maintain (and improve) their bridges to maintain driver safety, ride quality, and successful long-term performance of their bridges.

Buildings: F&V provides complete structural engineering services for buildings, including structural condition assessments for repairs (or asset management), new building construction, building alterations/additions, and structural modifications associated with RTU and generator upgrades.

Structural engineering helps improve the safe and successful long-term performance of buildings and building-type structures. Additionally, addressing relevant serviceability considerations helps to provide building occupants with an enjoyable environment to be in.

Municipal/Civil Infrastructure: F&V has a proven track-record of providing a full-range of structural engineering services for municipal structures and civil infrastructure. F&V has the in-house expertise to provide evaluation services (i.e., structural condition assessments), structural design of repair details and recommendations, or complete design of a new structure (depending on the project needs) while addressing structural demands unique to these types of structures (i.e., water-tightness requirements, ability to resist highly corrosive environments, etc.).

Structural engineering of municipal structures and civil infrastructures provides safe structures that can successfully perform their intended purposes for their design service life. This allows local residents to rely on dependable and safe infrastructure, as well as protecting the surrounding environment.

Additional services include:

  • Concrete construction and material technology
  • Condition surveys
  • Design and construction of new structures
  • Field and laboratory testing
  • Forensic structural services
  • Investigations and monitoring
  • Leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED)
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Let's make sure your infrastructure is structurally-sound

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Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

Our goal is to produce structures that are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable, yet cost-effective. Most of the structures we work on are used on a daily basis for linking communities, such as: providing clean drinking water, protecting the environment and providing space for municipal governance and operations. Our work helps to transform inadequate sites and structures into opportunities for development or redevelopment. Whether it’s a building or a bridge, our experts will help support and link your community to be structurally sound.


F&V has a team of structural engineers over a combined 45 years of structural engineering experience, ranging from bridges to municipal structures to buildings, for both existing and proposed structures. Our experience allows us to support our clients’ needs from the early project stages (perform evaluations/assessments, completing studies, etc.) through construction (providing construction engineering support to address unexpected challenges/changes in the field).

Structural engineering provides cost-savings for existing structures by identifying current and potential future deficiencies, providing cost-effective solutions while minimizing impact to operations to help extend the structure’s service life.

Proposed structures realize cost-savings through the engagement of structural engineering through efficient structural designs which address considerations beyond initial construction, such as long-term maintenance and operational efficiency. Additionally, structural engineering utilizes creative problem solving to develop custom or atypical solutions to help deliver focused results.

We help municipalities obtain funding from MDOT through their Local Agency Program (LAP). We also have assisted municipalities obtain funding from MDNR, among others.

F&V is a well-established industry leady by providing comprehensive services for a wide range of clients, from small condition assessments to large-scale multi-million dollar projects (which can include design, permitting, and construction phases services). We strive to provide the same level of attention, care, and expertise for all projects, regardless of project size or engineering fee.

F&V performs an average of 6-10 bridge designs per year, as well as 50-100 bridge inspections per year. Additionally, F&V performs bridge studies, bridge scoping, and funding applications (i.e., for MDOT LAP bridge program).


F&V has been helping municipalities to maintain their existing structures and design their proposed structures. By providing professional services from the planning stages of various project (including funding procurement) through construction, F&V strives to be a partner of local municipalities, trusted with helping to assist them with the management of their infrastructure.


A structural engineer is needed to see that a structure has been designed to perform its intended purposes safely and in accordance with applicable codes and design guides, while also being efficient. A structural engineer can help guide their client through various potential options by outlining their various benefits and risks, including cost, long-term durability/performance, potential shortcomings/limitations, construction technique recommendations, and schedule.