Fleis & VandenBrink helps land and private developers in contributing to communities’ living, shopping and employment opportunities with exciting deals. We provide positive virtues that contribute to the fabric of communities.

Our approach is to understand you and lead & facilitate project visualization and agency approvals. We will guide you through initial planning, design, construction, operations and everything in between while making sure it fits you. After all, it’s your project and we want to help build it right. Once we understand you, your goals and needs, we can look to maximize your return on developments, deliver designs that balance technical support and your objects and provide efficient performance to each site.

Developing stand out sites can make it more than just a site, but a gathering site or attraction or a vital piece any community. Let us help develop your ideas and goals into real world assets. Whether we’re developing a stand-alone office site or a major shopping center, we look forward to developing your project alongside you.

Some areas of our land development expertise include:

  • Erosion Control & Stormwater Management
  • Governmental & Educational Facilities
  • High-Rise and Low-Rise Residential
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Landscape Design
  • Public & Private Utility Infrastructure Permitting
  • Regional Shopping Centers
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Site Condominiums
  • Urban Redevelopment
  • Water Supply & Sewage Disposal