Newsletter: Leverage Your Dollars with Federal Aid Grants

Newsletter Header 2024

It’s never too early to plan for Federal-Aid grant transportation projects. Last month, the Indiana Department of Transportation announced that $155.6 million in federal transportation funding was awarded to 51 rural cities, towns, and counties in Indiana to invest in local road, bridge improvements and sidewalk projects.

Federal grants for bridges, roads, sidewalks, or safety improvement projects will be available again later this fall under the federal transportation highway bill (FAST ACT). A call for projects is expected in late October or early November.

“There’s no way we could complete transportation projects without federal and state funding,” said Joe Leszek, Town Manager for the Town of North Judson. “It just would not be possible.

“Federal-Aid grants are the best way for us to leverage our dollars.”

North Judson recently received $580,800 in federal funds for a sidewalk improvement project that will connect the Town’s sidewalk system to the North Judson Town Park when completed in 2027.

“The Town Council’s goal over the last few years was to provide connectivity for families with disabilities,” Leszek added. “When this project is completed, we will have connectivity from our school district to our parks district and business district.”

INDOT annually awards millions in federal transportation funding to dozens of cities, towns, and counties in Indiana to invest in local road and bridge improvements as well as sidewalk and trail projects.

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