Newsletter: Road Safety Audits

Small investment can leverage big improvements.

Community leaders in Michigan are being challenged today more than ever to finance road improvement projects that are both fiscally sound and consistent with community goals.

Getting a Road Safety Audit (RSA) may just be the leverage you need to maximize funding for your much-needed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) transportation project.

Public agencies, with a desire to improve the overall safety performance of roadways under their jurisdiction, can apply for an 80 percent grant for an RSA through the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Highway Safety Improvement Program. That same RSA can be used on future applications for safety funding to implement the improvements noted in the RSA.

“Some communities and their leaders may be a little hesitant about paying the initial cost of the RSA,” said Bret Taylor, a senior civil engineer with the Jackson County Department of Transportation. “But the RSA is a small investment to leverage additional funding.”

Many governmental entities have utilized RSAs to assist with determining roadway deficiencies, maintenance issues, and for planning future work that benefits transportation safety. Most audits are completed on existing roadways where there are planned improvements, but they can also be completed for new roadway construction.

The audits can be used in any phase of project development from planning and preliminary engineering to design and construction. RSAs can also be focused on pedestrians, work zones, intersections, or corridors.

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