Public and Private Park Landscape Design

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For more than 30 years, F&V’s park landscape design services have helped communities and clients rethink how they interact with their outdoor spaces.

Our Public Park Design Process

At F&V, we have years of experience as a landscape architecture firm in Michigan. We blend art, science, and technology to help townships and municipalities change how their residents interact with natural and outdoor spaces.

Our parks and recreation architects work with municipalities to acquire funding and implement five-year master plans that align with the community’s needs. Here’s what that proven process looks like in four steps.

1. Articulate

In the earliest phases of the process, we will hold a kickoff meeting with the agencies and organizations involved to identify goals, objectives, and stakeholders. We’ll also work with our clients to evaluate existing site conditions and gather context for how the area is used currently.

2. Refine

At this stage, we begin the process of building a consensus on feasibility and needs for execution. This includes establishing key and secondary use areas of the park and phasing your park’s master plan.

We’ll also develop and refine conceptual planning and provide sketches. This improves your agency’s likelihood of receiving grants and funding, as well as community reception.

3. Envision

Once we’ve established the baseline needs for the project, we open the door to public participation to understand how your community hopes to use the space you’ll be developing.

For example, we specialize in universally accessible landscape architecture. This includes designing parks and other public spaces with wide sidewalks and accessibility-friendly installations such as benches and play areas. Our goal at this stage is to explore the possibilities your space can offer.

In the past, that has included:

  • Splash pads
  • Fitness stations
  • Accessible playground equipment
  • Ice rinks
  • And more

4. Enact

Once we finalize the phasing for your master plan, we’ll develop a conceptual design, visioning guide, and strategic plan with specific, achievable milestones. We’ll also help you create an implementation program, so your agency can execute this master plan on time and within scope.

Who Our Landscape Architects in Michigan and Indiana Serve

We serve municipalities across Michigan and Indiana, including cities, townships, and villages. Our team works hard to make your landscapes even better for residents, their families, and their children. At F&V, we believe that park landscape design and architecture services can benefit everyone because they inspire meaningful change and interaction with our environment.

Additional Services

Securing Funding

Grant acquisition for your master plan can be challenging. F&V helps engineering, landscape architecture, and construction projects of all types become a reality by providing grant writing services to accomplish their funding goals. We do this by finding and applying for project funding and financing opportunities through grants and loans, depending on the client’s needs.

Implementation of Park and Recreation Master Plans

At F&V, we have a history of developing five-year park and recreation master plans, along with master plans for park development, non-motorized area master plans, and trail development plans. These are essential for submitting successful grant applications to private, local, and state-run funding agencies.

Landscape Installation and Management

In addition to overseeing the implementation of your master plan, we can help your agency bring your designs to life. We work with experienced contractors to install each part of your park landscape design and maintain it so everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

Why Choose Fleis & VandenBrink?

Although we’re known for our civil and environmental engineering projects, we also have decades of experience providing landscape architecture services.

F&V uses a multidisciplinary team of park architects, landscape architects, environmental engineers, and other experts to provide common-sense solutions to the complex problems communities face. Our approach to developing your landscape architecture plans utilizes cost-effective, environmentally sound solutions. We also offer innovative solutions to make your parks and recreation master plan a reality. Furthermore, we assist clients with grant writing and provide multiple routes to bring public spaces to life.

Our goal is to provide responsive, consistent service while delivering quality results on time and within budget.

Tell Us About Your Project

At Fleis & VandenBrink, our park landscape design and architecture professionals specialize in changing how people interact with their environment. We have multi-site portfolios that have helped communities across Michigan. Contact us today to learn more about our park landscape architecture services.