Harvey Street Streetscape Woonerf

City of Hudsonville
Hudsonville, MI

Project Overview

The City of Hudsonville 2030 Visioning Plan includes four main principles for Hudsonville to be a Distinctive City, Livable City, Vibrant City, and Connected City. Harvey Street Streetscape and Extension project, from Plaza Avenue to School Avenue, is the second project in the 2030 Visioning Plan. F&V provided design and landscape architectural services for the project.

F&V designed Harvey with a woonerf concept – a term from the Netherlands which means “shared” or “living” street that prioritizes the pedestrian experience. It transforms the street from car prioritized space to a shared space for all modes of transport, including cars, bicycles and pedestrians. It was also extended to interest the local Farmers Marker (Terra Square) as a connector. Other key improvements included splash pad, bike racks, art, permeable paver drives, decorative stamped concrete, tree bisques, seating areas and interactive areas for people to socialize.

With the area promoting an all-user friendly area, it attracts more people and users to gather in the area – both residents & visitors and businesses. When local businesses are in the heart of the action, it brings the community to them and creates a more close-knit community feel. These elements fully support the City’s vibrant, connected and livable City initiative. Current businesses also already have plans and ideas to expand to utilize Harvey Street, and a three-story apartment building is interested in placing roots there for renters.

This project was awarded an ACEC/M 2019 Engineering Merit Award.

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