Various Engineering Services

Serra Auto
Various locations throughout Michigan

Project Overview

Serra Automotive, headquartered in Grand Blanc, is one of the Top 10 privately-held automotive groups in the nation. The company started by Al Serra with one Chevy store in 1973 has grown to 35 dealerships, including nearly two dozen in Michigan.

F&V has helped Serra Automotive in its commitment to customer service and growth in the past two decades, providing numerous engineering services and needs, including:

  • Site planning and design, site plan, processing and permitting (including EGLE), and construction engineering for expansions to the Grand Blanc dealerships, as well as other dealerships throughout southeast Michigan;
  • Designing private and public infrastructure including storm water management on new and existing sites and coordination with public agencies, such as MDOT, county drain and road commission offices.
  • Designing traffic flow and circulation planning for existing facilities, including pavement markings, signage and island reconfiguration to improve interaction between customer, inventory and service areas;
  • ALTA survey work on various properties acquired by Serra Automotive.

By making Serra Automotive’s goals our goals, F&V has helped the Al Serra Auto Plaza in Grand Blanc expand from two dealerships to more than 10 including a used car dealership on a 40-acre site. F&V remains dedicated to being a driving force with Serra Automotive going forward.

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