Watermain System Improvements

City of Manton
Manton, MI

Project Overview

The City of Manton was experiencing a significant number of leaks in their distribution system and they were spending a lot of time and money on repairs and maintenance. The City decided to begin planning for a water system improvements project to replace watermains in the problem areas.

F&V assisted the City with a funding application and Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to USDA Rural Development to fund this project. F&V worked with the City for several months to negotiate a funding commitment with USDA and eventually obtained a commitment of 69% grant funding for a $3.1-million water system improvements project. We provided design engineering.

The project funding has been fully committed for this project and it is currently in the construction phase. The project includes the replacement of approximately 11,500 feet of existing watermain that is aged and undersized. The project will increase flows to a large portion of the water distribution system and will eliminate old problematic watermain.

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