Volunteer Fire Station

Van Buren Fire and Rescue Department
Van Buren, IN

Project Overview

The all-volunteer Van Buren Fire and Rescue Department had a fire station that was quickly outgrowing its usefulness. Firemen were housed in an old building with fire trucks stacked three-deep in a two-bay station. There was limited space to put on gear and equipment and the foundation was experiencing distress. There was a lack of storage, an insufficient training area, and no drive-thru – making it difficult for trucks to back in.

F&V provided a feasibility study for a new fire station on an existing Town property and helped with the OCRA grant application. We provided the design, layouts, and permitting for the new 5,000 square foot fire station. Design includes adding an indoor training room, showers, a mezzanine for equipment storage, and a pass-thru station that requires no backing up. A favorite fire station feature is an in-floor radiant heating system which not only helps warm the entire building, it helps melt snow off the trucks in the winter.

“It’s a dream come true. I thought it would be years before we’d get new digs,” said Donnie Plummer, Van Buren’s fire chief.

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