Airport Surveying

Bishop International Airport
Flint, MI

Project Overview

F&V was awarded the construction layout for 2,000 linear feet of taxiway ‘C’ east rehabilitation project at Bishop International Airport in Flint, which had a completion time of 112 days. Work consisted of locating the existing airport ground control and establishing control for the construction of the new taxiway ‘R’ and the rehabilitation of taxiway ‘C’, staking the barrier locations, pavement removals, pavement milling, storm sewer, signs and lighting staking, airport pavement markings, as-built cross-sections at each lift, daily reporting and data file submission to airport engineers, and final as-built records after construction.

This project required shutting down the de-icing areas, portions of the current taxiways and runway 9-27. Our field staff went through extensive screening and training program by the FAA to have full-time access to the taxi and runway areas of the airport and to maintain constant communications with the tower and airport authorities of our daily activities.

The rehabilitated taxiway and runway is helping planes with smoother take-offs and landings.

Services Provided

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