Brownfield Redevelopment

Kalamazoo Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
City of Kalamazoo, MI

Project Overview

The City of Kalamazoo Brownfield Redevelopment Authority acquired the Performance Paper site along Portage Creek in the City of Kalamazoo. The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is using Tax Increment Financing to refund their Local State Revolving Fund which used funds to demolish buildings and conduct remedial action to reposition the property for redevelopment. A portion of the property was purchased by a developer and is being redeveloped with an office building. Activities include screening fill material which consists of crushed concrete and other construction debris from the former building, paving, installing storm water controls, and construction of a new building. The building will be leased to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as their new Kalamazoo location. F&V conducted eligible activities including Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, BEAs, and Section 7a Compliance Analyses for the Kalamazoo Brownfield Redevelopment Authority as well as the developer as part of each entity’s property acquisition and ongoing due care obligations.

Additionally, F&V provided survey and site development engineering services for the redevelopment.

Services Provided