Culvert Replacements

City of Springfield
Springfield, MI

Project Overview

The City of Springfield identified three culverts at two locations (Tecumseh Road and Lafayette Avenue) requiring replacement due to old age and structure failure, which caused roadway failure above the structures. F&V provided design, permitting, hydraulic modeling, and bidding of the culvert replacements.

Tecumseh Road required the replacement of two existing 48” concrete culverts with 72” reinforced concrete culverts. To comply with State offset standards, this project included the removal and replacement of 6” ductile iron water main with 8” ductile. Incidental construction included the removal and replacement of 455’ of guardrail, HMA removal, and roadway paving, headwall removal, and removal and replacement of 10” Vitrified Clay Sanitary sewer with 10” PVC sanitary sewer.

Lafayette Avenue required the replacement of existing 36” concrete culvert with a 48” reinforced concrete culvert. The scope also included removal and replacement of 12” ductile iron watermain to comply with State offset standards. Incidental construction included the removal and replacement of 385 feet of guardrail, in addition to HMA removal and roadway paving.

Replacing the culverts extended their useful life and ensures a safe roadway crossing for motorists and pedestrian traffic. In addition, the culverts were upsized to enhance safe passage for aquatic life.

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