Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Power of Data and Location

F&V’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts gather, manage and analyze a variety of data to create an interactive, useful, and user-friendly computer-based GIS customized specifically for our clients.

Our approach is to carefully listen to our clients to better understand their goals and create a cost-effective GIS to meet current and future needs. We carefully consider current software and hardware solutions available and recommend solutions that fit best with our clients’ needs and resources, knowing that there is not a one size fits all GIS solution.

We understand that for GIS to be useful, it needs to be accessible and easy to manage. F&V’s approach includes leveraging the latest innovative technologies including ESRI & AutoDesk software, cloud-based GIS solutions, mobile technology, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and beyond to get GIS into the hands of those who need it the most and provide an easy-to-manage system.

Our GIS services include:

  • Initial creation of a GIS, including software, hardware, and data assistance
  • Data collection/compilation, including field collection and incorporating available information
  • Updating property parcel maps
  • Linking imagery, including video, photographs, and other electronic formats
  • Creating and modifying zoning and development maps
  • Mapping and linking critical information, such as water sources for firefighting, for emergency services
  • Mapping and data management for analysis and maintenance of infrastructure, utilities, and trees

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