Electric Car Charging Station

City of Hart
Hart, MI

Project Overview

As part of their Main Street improvement plan, Hart City Officials wanted to update four downtown parking lots. They were looking for more pedestrian amenities, landscaping, vehicle/pedestrian separation, access and character in the lots to match the Downtown. However, they also needed help funding the improvement projects.

F&V assisted the City in applying for grants from the Michigan Strategic Fund, incorporating green components in the project to secure the funding. Green elements used from the improvement project included landscaping, an electric charging station and porous asphalt pavement to aid in storm water management. Improvements also included new sidewalk and decorative lighting. F&V also provided construction oversight.

The additional grant money awarded, due to the green add-ons, helped make some significant enhancements in the community. The dual-unit electric car charging station enhances quality of life, attracts and encourages green vehicles and boosts economic payback with their close proximity to downtown restaurants and entertainment while users wait for their cars to charge.

F&V has completed electric charging stations in Big Rapids, Evart and Mt. Pleasant.

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