Engineer of Record

City of Big Rapids
Big Rapids, MI

Project Overview

Home to Ferris State University’s main campus, the City of Big Rapids has all the pleasure of arts, recreation and culture of a big city within its mid-sized town walls. With an influx of 13,000-some students becoming part of the City’s population every fall, Big Rapids has taken big municipal engineering steps towards the inclusion of newcomers and new ideas to promote the city and drive economic stimulus.

As Engineer of Record for the City we’ve taken part of several big municipal engineering projects to meet the City’s goals and needs:

      • Assisted the City in receiving and administering over $5.8 million in grant funding for projects.
      • Designed an Airport Recreation Complex Master Plan, including sports complex, walking trails and athletic fields, to expand recreational activities.
      • Redeveloped the Baldwin Street area, including demolition and replacement of Baldwin Bridge, to improve traffic flow and provide an important role of the economic development planning on the north side of the city.
      • Environmental clean-up at PT Plus site to remove contaminated soils.
      • Prepared an Operations and Maintenance Manual for the upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements.
      • Repaired Mitchell Creek Retaining Wall to protect against future scour.
      • Demolished a prominent old industrial facility and prepared site for brownfield development.
      • Assisted in operations and the management of the water and wastewater treatment plants.

Big Rapids continues to create an a friendly community environment that encourages you to, as their tagline states, ‘grow with us.’

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