Infrastructure Improvements

Beecher Metropolitan District
Genesee County, MI

Project Overview

Beecher is an unincorporated community in Genesee County, located in parts of Mount Morris and Genesee townships. The Beecher Metropolitan District (BMD) is a special district for water and sewer. It has a lot of old infrastructure.

F&V employees have helped BMD for over 40 years on a variety of projects from watermain replacement to iron removal plants to sanitary pump stations. Our knowledge of their infrastructures and resources is priceless when it comes to solving issues or looking for improvements.

Infrastructure improvements we’ve assisted BMD on:

  • Performing a Water Reliability for Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) system improvements project that included modeling the system’s hydraulics, determining available system pressures and fire flow and evaluating well and tank capabilities.
  • Preparing of successful S2 grants in the amount of $999,500.
  • Providing a flow monitoring study and structural review for mainline sewer pipe system improvements.
  • Two Drinking Water Revolving Fund construction projects for water main installation and elevated tank, iron removal filter plants, Scada and remote read meter improvements, totaling 4.5 million.

The BMD runs more efficiently with all the recent infrastructure. Still improving the infrastructure is a work in progress and our knowledge will come in handy.

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