Private Water System Improvements

Northport Cottage Owners’ Association
Northport Point, MI

Project Overview

Cottage owners on Northport Point had grown weary of poor water quality and having to dump a lot of salt in their softeners in an attempt get potable water from their wells. The Northport Cottage Owners’ Association decided it was time for a new water supply and treatment system.

F&V’s engineering staff and construction management team (FVC) designed and built a new water plant with a surface water lake draw intake and membrane treatment system. The Association celebrated the higher quality water in a ribbon cutting ceremony called “Northport Unsalted.” The new water system also allowed for decommissioning all water softening equipment and associated salt discharge, reducing sodium and chloride discharge to groundwater at the wastewater treatment plant.

The project, which has a new 60,000-gallon water storage tank, incorporated features to minimize visibility, noise and disruption to residents including directional drilling 900 feet of 8-inch raw piping from the treatment building to the intake structure 600 feet off shore. A state-of-the-art fully automated control system with cloud based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for remote monitoring was also a part of the project.

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