Traffic Impact Study for Redevelopment

Menards; Schonsheck General RV
Wixom, MI

Project Overview

Redevelopment of part of an old automobile plant that once produced thousands of Ford Motor Co.’s most popular models was being proposed by Menards and General RV. But before development could proceed on the 140 acres at the former Ford Wixom Assembly Plant, a traffic impact study was needed at the site near I-96 and Wixom Roads.

F&V provided professional traffic engineering services for the companies, studying the impact on how the proposed developments would affect traffic. Both studies followed City of Wixom, Road Commission for Oakland County and MDOT guidelines. Analyses included data collection, modeling of the adjacent road network (including the “single point diamond” interchange at Wixom Road and I-96), analysis of traffic signal operations, and identification of traffic impacts of the proposed project.

The study results were reviewed and approved by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC), setting the stage for new developments at Assembly Park. Officials for General RV and Menards are not only proud to be repurposing the abandoned historic site, they have opened discussion on future developments.

Services Provided

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