Newsletter: Federal-Aid Grant Applications for Rural Projects Happening Now

Applications open next month for Indiana rural communities seeking federal grants for new bridge, road, safety, sidewalk or any type of project that is eligible under the federal transportation highway bill (FAST ACT).

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will be accepting applications, starting November 2. The call for projects closes on December 11.

The City of Montpelier is expected to be among the applicants for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funding via INDOT. It received federal reimbursement grants in the past for a sign inventory project, sidewalk replacement/American Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp upgrade and a sign replacement project in 2016.

“None of these federal grants would have been possible without the help of our engineering consultant,” said Jeff Clouse, Montpelier’s street superintendent. “We are a small rural community and our operating budgets do not allow for many projects without some kind of grant opportunity attached to them.”

Local Public Agency (LPA) projects are available for funding with projects to be bid in the 2026 fiscal year.

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