DWRF GPR Water System Improvements

Village of Northport
Northport, MI

Project Overview

The Village of Northport had some aging, leaky water mains and an old and unreliable well that EGLE recommended be replaced.

Village officials hired F&V to do a Water Reliability Study, evaluating the condition and capacity of the water system. The study presented several recommended improvements for the Village of Northport’s water system.

F&V assisted the Village in obtaining an EGLE Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) loan for the improvements. The design and the construction of the improvements were completed by sister company F&V Construction (FVC). Improvements included the replacement of aged watermains, installation of additional new watermain to create looped watermain networks and installation of a new municipal well and wellhouse.

This project qualified for Green Project Reserve (GPR) funds from the DWRF loan which provides principal forgiveness for use of green technology (such as premium efficient pump motors). This project received GRP principal/forgiveness totally nearly $100,000.

By updating and replacing aged water system components, the Village maintained the reliability of their water system and will continue to provide high quality drinking water to its customers.

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