WWTP Sewer Separation and Rehabilitation

Town of Redkey
Redkey, IN

Project Overview

The Town of Redkey had eight to 10 annual combined sewer overflow (CSOs) that led to the dumping of raw sewage into the Halfway Creek during heavy rainfalls. The Town entered into an agreed order with Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to prepare a Long Term Control Plan Agreement to fix the problem.

F&V studied the sewer system to determine the cause of the CSOs. Most of the sanitary sewer was televised and smoke tested to determine which lines needed rehab work and which ones needed to be separated. The selected alternative included full separation of the combined sewers into separate storm and sanitary sewers, and improvements to their wastewater treatment plant.

F&V also worked with the Jay County Development Corporation and the Town in preparing an application for a grant and loan with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) to fund the sewer separation and rehabilitation project. The Town received a $3.9 million grant and $3.8 million loan.

The rehabilitation utilizes cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), completing the construction work solely within the pipes. CIPP helps save the Town money, time and disturbance by not having to dig up roads or sewer lines. New storm sewer lines and sanitary sewer lines are also being constructed to separate the storm water from the sanitary sewer.

F&V is also assisting the Town with upgrades to their wastewater treatment plant. Improvements include upgrading the influent pumping system, adding a new Headworks Building with influent fine screening and grit removal, upgrading the oxidation ditch, new secondary clarification, ultraviolet disinfection, cascade aeration, sludge handling, upgrades to the laboratory, plant safety measures, emergency generator with automatic transfer switch and other improvements to increase overall process reliability.

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