Proper management of our greatest resource is essential to protect human health and the environment, which is why F&V collects, treats, distributes, and protects all aspects of your water, water treatment, wastewater, and stormwater cycle. We provide and maintain sustainable sources of clean, quality water. Water is a need for life. Whether you’re looking to locate a safe and reliable drinking water supply, treat and distribute systems that convey quality water to your tap, collect and convey used water treatment, storm water and wastewater management systems to return water to the environment in a safe and sustainable manner, water is a necessity for everyone.

We help to make water resources accessible and clean to every edge of your community. Our approach to water treatment is through understanding the makeup of your community and staying abreast of the regulatory requirements and trends. Understanding where your water comes from, where and how much it flows, and what portion of the water cycle you’re focusing on are all factors we use in determining the best water solutions for your community. From communities with impermeable soils to oversaturated land, we’ll find the best, most effective ways to stream water to solve and meet your needs.

Honing your community’s water source and system to provide clean, quality water for everyone and every need is possible. Why not let our staff show you how to get the most life out of your water system? We’ll restore and maintain the quality of any portion of your water cycle.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Asset management
  • Biosolids management
  • Capital Improvements Planning (CIP)
  • Discharge and other permits
  • Energy management
  • Facility and system review
  • Grant and loan assistance
  • Hydraulic profile evaluations
  • Industrial pretreatment
  • Intermunicipal and industrial contract negotiations
  • Project plans
  • Rate studies
  • Septage receiving plans and business plans
  • Water treatment plant design
  • Water system security